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Cliteracy and The G-Spot

Part 2 with Sex Therapist Emma Waring


How are you? Hasn’t this snow been beautiful? I know, it’s verging on controversial to say, but it’s so pretty! The first post I put up after our Sunday blizzard was met with the comment:

‘It’s not so beautiful if you slip and fall!’

…which isn’t entirely wrong. My mum slipped on black ice when we were small, cracked her skull and bruised her brain resulting in months of bed rest - but that doesn’t take away from the beauty and peace that comes from the blanket covering we have enjoyed ….brrr though!

Today I’ve been wrapped in a blanket editing the other part of my interview with Sex therapist Emma Waring. It follows on from episode 107, ‘Is Your Sex Life Dutiful or Beautiful?’ and this time around, we discuss the more intimate side of sexual pleasure and our physical relationships. I’ll apologise upfront, I did try to keep it short, but then I decided that some things need to take as long as they take. It comes in at 1 hour and 12 mins …so a lovely long bath or a good walk in the woods perhaps? The unedited video is at the top of this, however, the full podcast including my natter before and after is the spit and polish version:

Click here to listen

We discuss orgasms, how the clitoris works, how vibrators can improve our sex lives and she reveals the all-important location of the not-so-elusive G-Spot. (Did you know that 96% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm? Yet Hollywood would show otherwise).

Emma shows various vibrators during this episode, we also cover sex in menopause, and how lubrication can be answered prayer for vaginal atrophy and recurrent thrush.

Emma’s website is and she mentioned various resources including Pillow Talk which is currently discounted on Amazon.

The other two episodes Emma has done with us are: 107 ‘Is Your Sex Life Dutiful or Beautiful?’, and also episode 94, ‘What Is Good Sex?’ in which we cover other aspects of sex so together as a series, there is loads of helpful information.

Next week I am joined by another fabulous guest, and we will be wrapping up 2022 with a look back and a look forward. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this episode and are managing to keep your head up with everything that’s going on at the moment.

As always, love first

Pipa x

Click here for the full podcast episode

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