I’m Pipa, I’m a British broadcaster, have worked in TV and Radio for the last 20+ years and these days have one foot in the broadcasting world (also now with a podcast) and one foot in the writing world. So here on Substack I write about, women, what whistle!

The podcast comes out every other week and is about finding our brave through the stories of other women who had to find theirs. And really that is my ‘thing’, understanding our selves, knowing our minds and being who we are. It’s the best recipe for fulfilment, contentment and finding the elusive ‘happiness’ (tip: stop looking, start being).

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Because life's too precious and too short, to fall in line or fake it.


Pipa Gordon

I tend to write about about sifting through all the noise and filling the space where we can be ourselves; pro-ageing, anti-faking it & muddling through midlife. I’ve been in TV/Radio for 25+ years, determined to disconnect beauty from youth.